The Story of Brandy and Jason

ImageJason recently saw a beautiful girl walking one day and decided to approach her. Her name was Brandy. She wasn’t interested at first, but his persistence paid off and he not only got her phone number, but also a date for later on that night.

Jason: Hey Brandy, open up it’s me Jason

Brandy: Coming

opens door

Jason: Hey sexy. Damn you looking good in that lil’ fitted dress. Can I come in?

Brandy: I thought we were going out?

Jason: Yeah we are, I just gotta use the bathroom real quick.

Brandy: Um…ok.

He walks in and looks around the house. He sees that no one else is there.

Jason: Can you show me where the bathroom is sexy?

Brandy: Yeah…it’s right here. But why are you looking at me like that? Why are you getting so close?

Jason: Come here you know you want me.

Brandy: No I don’t, get off me. Jason, stop touching me. No Jason! Get off of me. Help! Somebody help me!

Brandy fights back but is unsuccessful. Jason rapes her and leaves her on the floor then leaves.

(1 week later)

Jason calls.

Brandy: Hello?

Jason: Hey whasup sexy.

Brandy: Why are you calling me. You took what you wanted now leave me alone.

Jason: C’mon you know you wanted me. I knew it too.

Brandy: How?

Jason: I saw the way you was wearing that lil fitted dress. It hugged your curves. Showed off your cleavage n everything. You wanted me, I could see it in your eyes. That’s the only reason you would’ve been asking for all that attention. So I gave it to you. You asked for it.

Brandy: Well it’s something you need to know.

Jason: What?

Brandy: I’m HIV positive.

Jason: Wait, you’re what?! Tell me you’re lying.

Brandy: No, I’m HIV positive. Don’t act surprised. You wanted HIV, I could see it in your eyes. The way you took me against my will. The way you ignored me when I told you to stop. The way you forced yourself into me and without protection. So I gave it to you. You asked for it.

Jason: You bitch! How could you do this to me?!

Brandy: Everyone knows you rape girls Jason. And you blame it on them. That they somehow asked for it. That the way they dressed warranted your sex even though their cries for you to stop meant nothing. I was given HIV when I was just 14 from a guy like you. He blamed me, just like you did. I even believed him and tried to kill myself. But instead, I decided to teach guys like him, guys like you, a lesson. You strip girls of their dignity based on what you see on the outside. So I’m going to strip you of your life based on what I know is on the inside.

The end.


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