43 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Well, I believe that I need to know where you are located so that I can get you here in Alabama for a relationship seminar and I would love to set up a photo shoot with you for my modeling portfolio if possible.

  2. Very Delightful pictures, very handsome but you all ready know that, Very interesting site as well for the little I was able to view before I was saw the “Photo Gallery” tab. I will be sharing this with many of the young ladies that I mentor. I can feel your heart in your writing, you musta been raised by your Mother or Grandmother.
    Side notes and I pray that you are not but I think all of the Women in the world heart would be broken if you are gay or bisexual….it would be a true waste of one of GOD’s greatest creation…you should be pro-creating lololol.

    • Correction: Very interesting site as well for the little I was able to view before the “Photo Gallery” tab sparked my interest.
      Another Correction – I will share with my Mentees your wisdom if you don’t mind. Have a blessed day

  3. I’ve been through a lot and all of the things you said about being wife material I could only shake my head because that has been me. But now I couldn’t imagine myself marrying him now and I’m OK with it.

  4. I love a man that takes care of himself! You are the image of gorgeous and you have really nice hands. Do you get mani/pedis? If so, you should post some pics of your nice hands and feet to let us see how a real man takes care of himself!

  5. Impressive…..

    I wish I was 15yrs younger. With my nursing career in high gear. ….
    We would have 6 beautiful brown babies and live happily ever after. ….
    All jokes aside…


  6. Hi! I have read some of your thoughts and opinions on relationships/singles. I love them, couldn’t agree with you more. Some women are looking for a man’s point of view, that is understanding. Because, sometimes you don’t know what to think or how to go about a situation and it gets confusing and frustrating. That will make a woman throw in the tile, as I did. But I enjoyed your blogs and posts; You break it down and get to the point. I love it! Keep it coming! Maybe I’ll open my heart again someday. Thank you.

    p.s. This is my very first time to your site & you made me Smile! Great work.

  7. I have recently discovered you and I am enjoying what I am seeing and reading so far. Like the previous post, I enjoy hearing a man’s view on dating and relationships and look forward to more from you in the future. πŸ™‚

  8. Derrick, very nice pictures and I have truly been Blessed by your words. I can truly say a Man after God’s heart and The Best is Yet to Come!

  9. Confidence simply radiates from you and your words reflect an intelligent, warm, genuine and strong person. Being a white female attracted to black men, I enjoyed your article it was very enlightening. You take care…God Speed

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