IMG_1022 no logoA man is as a man does; not says, hopes, nor promises. Derrick Jaxn(Jackson), a native of Enterprise, Alabama, found his purpose in his exceptional ability to impact lives by relating to others through literature. As the youngest of 5 in a single parent household, he witnessed his mother overcome life threatening illnesses while working multiple jobs, which would later become the catalyst in his drive to impose a standard of excellence, logic, and originality on a world dictated by blind conformity.

Derrick Jaxn founded a non-profit teen mentoring organization, won national and multiple conference football championships, was a community leader, and landed a position in Fortune 500 corporate America, all before completing his undergraduate studies at the historic Tuskegee University. While his story is nothing short of inspirational, more importantly, it’s only just begun.

In a considerably short amount of time, he’s taken his personal blog from being a diary of thought and perspective, to a lifestyle pulpit that millions have experienced and found value in for themselves. Popular articles such as “12 Things She Wishes You Understood” and “The Wake Up Call, Sincerely Trayvon Martin” have been shared among social network users over 75,000 times each.

Even as a lifestyle blogger, Jaxn continues to express himself across various mediums, in particular his highly anticipated first publication, “A Cheating Man’s Heart”. He has an undeniable talent, unwavering ambition, and boundless potential to be one of the most influential men of his generation.

21 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hello Derrick I am very impress by your story and happy for your successful. I am a mother of three young men that i raised by myself with God’s help as i worked 2/3 jobs to make ends meet. My youngest son has his mind set to become a football player, and is doing nothing about it. i sometimes wish i can find someone to mentor him. I mentioned to him that you must practice and study this sport he is lazy. As a young man yourself how can i convince him to make a move for college and to plan for his career as a player. He will be 21 on the 11th of feb. I want the best for him

    • The clock is ticking, if he’s not in a school where there’s a football program then the first step is to get him there. But you can’t make a man do anything, you can only help him if that’s already his ambition. He’s not a little boy any more, he has to wear his big boy britches and make something happen

  2. Can u talk to my son? He is in 11th grade and he is brilliant and yet he thinks going to college and get on basketball team doesn’t require a good Education. I am a single mom and I tried to get his dad to step up a plate. Would it be possible that u give him a call. I am an educated Deaf single mother.

  3. Your bio is impressive. It says you are located in NC now. Do you do any public speaking for schools? I’m a school counselor and I think our students would benefit from listening to you.

  4. Enjoyed reading you BIO. Even though it’s too late for my marriage…..I am guilty of falling for those men who fit a certain description. With that being said, I have often ended up with men whom are disrespectful, abusers, haven’t grown up (mommas boys), users, PS3 all day player, doesn’t want responsibility etc. (list goes on). I had all those features in one man alone. So, I can attest to getting the wrong men. Keep speaking and bringing forth your words. We can use more men of your caliber in society. You will definitely be elevated to higher depths.


  5. I would like to thank you for putting your word to the world. You put a woman’s perspective in such beautiful words…………much thanks and appreciation!!

  6. God needs more men like you to show the youth of today, all races, that hard work and focus powered by morals and a strong will can take you anywhere in life! I have a 6’2″, 305lb 15 year old that is AMAZING at football but lacks drive in the classroom with 2 of his classes. I have tried everything. On my knees everyday for his lightbulb to go off. Has dreams but lacks determination. He has already been chosen and played on a state and NATIONAL level. Still its like nothing reaches deep enough. I know that he is very introverted and battles with himself over his dad never wanting to be a part of his life. I can only do so much. Any suggestions. He is listed on FB as GrizzlyBlakeHall. Again, this world needs more strong men like you, thanks for being here!

  7. Derrick, as you are encouraging single mothers and young men, I want to take this time out to encourage you. God is favoring your mission. Keep depositing in the lives of others and watch God grant you that increase.. Stay up young brother

  8. Greetings, Derrick. I was referred by a peer executive coach to take a look at your blog. As a coach, I encounter many people from all walks of life, and from various cultural configuration. As it relates to some of your posts, I’m interested if there are – from your perspective- nuances, discrepancies how to interpret or even apply some of the principles, suggestions and advice provided. I’d love to connect and see we can exchange information and network (i.e., speaking engagements, conferences, appearances, maybe an editorial) Let me know if and how we can start a dialog. I hope today is the best day of your choice.

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