The Story of Brandy and Jason

ImageJason recently saw a beautiful girl walking one day and decided to approach her. Her name was Brandy. She wasn’t interested at first, but his persistence paid off and he not only got her phone number, but also a date for later on that night.

Jason: Hey Brandy, open up it’s me Jason

Brandy: Coming

opens door

Jason: Hey sexy. Damn you looking good in that lil’ fitted dress. Can I come in?

Brandy: I thought we were going out?

Jason: Yeah we are, I just gotta use the bathroom real quick.

Brandy: Um…ok.

He walks in and looks around the house. He sees that no one else is there.

Jason: Can you show me where the bathroom is sexy?

Brandy: Yeah…it’s right here. But why are you looking at me like that? Why are you getting so close?

Jason: Come here you know you want me.

Brandy: No I don’t, get off me. Jason, stop touching me. No Jason! Get off of me. Help! Somebody help me!

Brandy fights back but is unsuccessful. Jason rapes her and leaves her on the floor then leaves.

(1 week later)

Jason calls.

Brandy: Hello?

Jason: Hey whasup sexy.

Brandy: Why are you calling me. You took what you wanted now leave me alone.

Jason: C’mon you know you wanted me. I knew it too.

Brandy: How?

Jason: I saw the way you was wearing that lil fitted dress. It hugged your curves. Showed off your cleavage n everything. You wanted me, I could see it in your eyes. That’s the only reason you would’ve been asking for all that attention. So I gave it to you. You asked for it.

Brandy: Well it’s something you need to know.

Jason: What?

Brandy: I’m HIV positive.

Jason: Wait, you’re what?! Tell me you’re lying.

Brandy: No, I’m HIV positive. Don’t act surprised. You wanted HIV, I could see it in your eyes. The way you took me against my will. The way you ignored me when I told you to stop. The way you forced yourself into me and without protection. So I gave it to you. You asked for it.

Jason: You bitch! How could you do this to me?!

Brandy: Everyone knows you rape girls Jason. And you blame it on them. That they somehow asked for it. That the way they dressed warranted your sex even though their cries for you to stop meant nothing. I was given HIV when I was just 14 from a guy like you. He blamed me, just like you did. I even believed him and tried to kill myself. But instead, I decided to teach guys like him, guys like you, a lesson. You strip girls of their dignity based on what you see on the outside. So I’m going to strip you of your life based on what I know is on the inside.

The end.


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93 thoughts on “The Story of Brandy and Jason

    • Powerful story, I say this respectfully women need to be more aware of the messages that they are sending with the attire that they wear. This brotha should have respected the word No, and when he didn’t he secured his own fate…Brotha’s No means No…and you shall reap what you sow….

      • The only message women are sending with their attire is that they like the outfit they chose. Plain and simple. Women don’t need to change the way the dress, men need to change the way they behave. Period.

      • there are some stupid ass statements made about this lady and the way she dresses…wasn’t people constantly in an uproar about trayvon being racially profiled which led to his death???Personally,these comments about a womans attire,makes them fair game to some sexual predator is sick as hell.I look at this just as I do racial-profiling>>show me the difference/???she has on tight shorts,halter top,etc.So she is asking to be fucked over..that is some sick shit!!!!!

    • In my opinion neither of them are right. They are both taking away peoples”freedom” by trying to take matters into their own hands by punishing/ruining others lives with their actions/selfishness/choices instead of allowing God be the one to judge and determine ones sins and how He will deal with them in the end. We can not control other people’s actions but we do have the power to control our actions and re-actions to every situation we are dealt in life. All I can say is “I FEEL” in the end we each will be judged for our own indiscretions.

  1. Excellent read! Women need to be careful with the message they are sending and men need to understand no is no. Had he listened to her he wouldn’t be a victim to HIV.

    • I think the only thing her attire warranted was him approaching, but after she told him no, that was more than enough reason for him to stop. He accepted the consequences of his actions when he refused to stop.

      • you are absolutely correct, had he accepted no and walked away things would have ended different and he would be HIV negative, but he had a choice and he made it so it is what it is. Some
        women have a tendency of dressing in a way that may be quite revealing for the attention but NO means NO. Great story Derrick!

      • I whole heartedly agree, No means NO. Respect & being honorable was never apart of his agenda. He bought those consequences.

    • It doesn’t matter how she was dressed. She could have been prancing around in a thong and pasties. That does not give him the green light. No means no period.

  2. No means no. How much information do you indulge when you first meet someone? She had every right not to tell him she had HIV because that was her business. He came to her place with the wrong intentions from the start so yes he may have paid a heavy price for his wrong doings.

    • Exactly Shawn. We can’t hold a woman accountable for the consequences of a rapists actions. The first consequence was hurting her. That didn’t stop him. The 2nd was going to jail. That didn’t stop him. The 3rd is catching an STD. Whether she knew or not…didn’t stop him either. The denominator is him and that he didn’t care. So he has to live with his consequences.

      • I agree he brought about his own pain but like an earlier poster stated, now he’s a rapist with an angry mission. What stops the cycle, because he’s preying on whomever? It’s a “you get what you deserve” ending. You can’t help but wonder what happens after that.

  3. The story is crazy but just think like this if was a rapist already now that makes him a rapist with a mission to infect as many as he can now. Sad story with a bad cycle

  4. The fact that the story is real or not is not the point. It is the meaning behind the story. No means NO. She shouldn’t have to go through a list of reasons why he should not rape her. She could of said that she was HIV positive and he could of easily took it as if she was lying. So instead of dismissing the story look past the words in front of you and look at the meaning behind it.

  5. The thing with this is that she knowingly gave him HIV. Now he is a rapist and he is not arrested. Lets just say he takes this incident to continue rapping women and give the HIV because he is totally pissed at the woman that gave him it and think that ever other women he picks to rape is paying for what she did to him. I for one see no sense what so ever in that out come. As every right thinking person knows, rape is wrong FULL STOP. NO MEANS NO. But what that woman did if its true is very much questionable.

      • Really…..SOOOOOO what YOU are saying is that it was her OBLIGATION to tell him BEFORE he raped her that she is HIV Positive????? I think NOT!!!!! I am SURE you NOT being a victim of rape PROBABLY CAN’T understand this BUT DURING the act of being BRUTALLY ATTACKED & VIOLATED through this VERY HEINOUS ACT, as the VICTIM, your FIRST thought is not to say “Oh by the way I have HIV”, NOT ONLY IS your BODY in SHOCK But your MIND is as well. NO one is to blame in this situation BUT “Jason” That’s almost like saying if you break into my home & I shoot you, should I have told warned you before shooting you? UHHHHH….I THINK NOT….YOUR ASS IS GETTING SHOT!!!!!!!!

    • out of curiosity, how do you feel that she “knowingly gave him HIV” … she said stop. I can’t begin to insinuate I know the mindset of a rapist, but it would seem this person wasn’t reasonable or they wouldn’t be in the situation to begin with. If she had cried, ” I am HIV positive” … do you think the unreasonable rapist would have believed it? Unfortunately, you’re probably right that if this were true he would probably continue raping women thereby infecting more and more women but the blame is not in any way on the chic. Just my thoughts.

    • Please tell me you’re kidding. She didn’t knowingly give him HIV because she didn’t consent to sexual intercourse. Contracting any sort of disease because you voluntarily and forcefully sexually assaulted someone AGAINST THEIR WILL does not make you a victim. Just like every person has to weigh the risks vs. rewards when engaging in unprotected sex, the same goes for the rapist and it’s nothing short of willful ignorance to think the victim in this case should have warned the violator of any unknown risks.

      • blaming the woman is like blaming a home owner for a burglar getting injured during a burglary. unfortunately in American the criminal gets off a lot of the time and it has made a lot of people unsympathetic to the victim.

    • You say she “KNOWINGLY” gave him HIV, and saying “KNOWINGLY” IMPLIES INTENT On HER part and she had NO INTENT, she DIDN’T Expect to be RAPED BUT, HE “KNOWINGLY” went over to her place to “RAPE” her SO, I MUST CORRECT you on this “KNOWINGLY” comment, She DID NOT “KNOWINGLY” GIVE him HIV BUT INFACT HE “UNKNOWINGLY” TOOK IT FROM HER……THERE’S A BIIIIIIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO! Just MY Thought.

    • First of she did nothing of the sort he gave HIV too himself she did not say Hey Jason I’m HIV positive come rape me I want this or I want You too rape me. The Fact that she said no should have been good enough Now I will say yes some women do dress very provocative and don’t want to leave anything for the man’s imagination. that’s not saying I want you to come rape me all that say is that they want there body to be on display of all too see attention seekers , you can look but don’t touch me ….. At the end of the day the only person he should be mad t or with is his self he should be mad because he did not respect her first as a woman 2nd as a human being how would he feel if that was a female in his family……..IJS

  6. Unbelievable
    Still happening even in 2013
    As a woman I know that I can dress somewhat sexy (on a good day) but that doesn’t mean I want to give my body to any guy who wants to take me out
    Is it really that hard for a man to know how to treat a woman

  7. Great story, however, I hope he has learned to respect the word “no”. I am sure this isn’t based off of a true story but is an example of real life tragedies that take place every day. Rape victims are scarred individuals, and very few overcome what they have gone through, leading a majority of them(us) to carry around this inner pain. Most would want to teach a lesson to a rapist in order to prevent what happened to them from happening to another, So I could see why she didn’t feel the need to state that she was HIV positive.

  8. Wow very real & deep. Something for female & male to think about. Have you “Fear of Knowing” by Tisha Starr it deal with teenage love & HIV.

  9. Interesting read. I was more intrigued by the comments people left. I have seen similar real life situations like this everyday. First, people shouldn’t blame her for what HE DID. because he Choose to Rape her. He knew what he wanted and what he was going to do in trying to pursue her. He piloted and planned to rape her. That’s his fault do to his unwanted actions. If she didn’t have HIV, She would have been worrying if He gave her a STD. From his behavior he’s a professional Rapist, that hasn’t got caught or caught up. My question is would she be wrong to invite him back over and kill him in her house, then she piloted and planned his death.

  10. Wow both are wrong if she intentionally trapped him knowing what he was then she should be arressted for her actions and him natural consequences for his actions she had no right to be his judge jury n prosecutor. Men who do dirt get dirt no matter what. When women are hurt they do things they will regret go with God you never go wrong. AMen

  11. I’ am beyond disbelief, additionally, you will always reap the consequences of a BAD CHOICE!!! Can I just say wow! or as my daughter would say (Boom Shots Fired) sheesh!!!!

  12. This reminds me of that scene in the movie “For Colored Girls” without the HiV part. Sad story. This is exactly why when I meet someone and we begin to date, I meet them out to places we are going.
    No you can’t come to my house, No I don’t want to meet you at your house. Even though rape can’t be prevented whether its the first date or tenth date, I’m overly cautious about certain things. I hope this guy learned his lesson.

  13. I can’t begin to imagine why so many women on here are blaming her for “knowingly” giving him HIV. So she was positive and got raped and passed it on. How is that a “tit for tat”. She didn’t seduce him and knowingly and willingly pass it on. He chose to take something from her and got more in than he bargained for. Period, the end.

    • It’s very odd. She had no time to tell him. He raped her. It’s not rocket science. He got what he asked for because he violated her. Knowingly?? Ha! She had no time to tell him, and that’s his fault not hers. I’m a woman and I don’t understand all this hostility and madness among women. Men don’t act like this. I will truly never understand it. Then I’m reading comments about the message she sent because of how she was dressed. That does not give a man the green light. No means no, which is what she said more than once. Knowingly goes out the window with the circumstances. It seems like people aren’t paying attention to the fact that she was violated, and on top of that he approached her, not the other way around.

  14. Did she really trap him? He had a choice. If he did not rape her, he would have walked away clean. As my grand-daughter use to say when she was 5, “Oh Well”.

  15. I DON’T see where nor how it was HER “RESPONSIBILITY/OBLIGATION” TO INFORM her RAPIST that she was H.I.V. Positive. It WAS HIS RESPONSIBILITY to control his actions and the fact that he “CHOSE” NOT TO is the ULTIMATE PRICE he shall pay. Say he wasn’t there to “Rape” her, let’s change it up a bit, let’s say he broke into her house to rob her and she walked in on him and to keep from getting caught he stabs her and in the process of stabbing her he cuts himself, now the both of them are bleedind, both are fighting for this knife….does she now say STOP STABBING ME, YOU HAVE CUT YOURSELF & I AM HIV POSITIVE????? WHYYYYYY SHOULD THE VICTIM IN AAANNNNNY CRIME BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE??? THEY SHOULDN’T! So NO, I DON’T BELIEVE she had an OBLIGATION, RESONSIBILITY, NOR DUTY to tell him ANYTHING about her “Status”. Hell, IF ANYTHING, HEEEEE is the one that holds ALLL OBLIGATION…..if he was going to rape someone the VERY LEAST he could have done for HIMSELF was ASK & since he WASN’T “CONCERNED” about her “Status” before raping her, THEN WHY SHOULD SHE be CONCERNED about “HIS STATUS” AFTER???

      • In a situation where you are being violated would you really be thinking about your status, or would you be thinking about how to get this person off you, and the fact that you are being violated??? Lets be real here, no one would be thinking about status in a situation like that.

  16. I really hope more of you read up on rape culture because the amount of comments I see where people are nitpicking the tiniest things in order to assign some sort of blame on the woman in this story is disheartening.

    No, women do not “need to be careful of the message they are sending.” Instead of teaching our daughters how to ‘protect’ themselves from rape and make themselves less appealing to rapists, we should be teaching our sons TO NOT BE RAPISTS. And for the record, rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power. It’s been proven time and time again that a rapist will rape regardless of the clothing their victim wore.

  17. Sad situation all the way around… While this guy raped this that was so beautiful to his eyes. The outcome could be the same minus the rape. It’s still quite sad how many individuals still look at someone and think they’re “safe”…

  18. Wow!!! That was really something and very thought provoking. It is really something that happens and sad to hear.

  19. Well everything in front of you us not always good for you. When he seen her the first time he already knew what he was going to do. Sometimes God Lessons are Hard to read.

  20. Great story…. Guys need to learn the word NO! As well as sum females need to know that wearing the wrong thing will give sum simple minded guy the wrong message. She didn’t have to tell him nothing at all. Lessons are taught everyday but in different ways. So lesson well learned for him.

  21. WOW! I think he was wrong, all the way. So she had on a sexy dress, she looked good, didn’t give him the right to take from her what wasn’t his. Every action has a consequence at some point in time. This was his….

  22. We must also be careful of blaming women for being raped! If she were butt-naked, would that say “Rape” me? Men and women send nonverbal messages all the time…depends on how we perceive them, but “NO” means “NO! The word “NO” is not perceptual; it is what it is! The larger lesson is to respect people, regardless of what you think of them!

    • I never understood why a man felt it ok to pick up on a woman’s “hint” that she wanted to have sex yet completely disregard her blatant refusal during the act. Rape is never a woman’s fault.

  23. I understnad the meaning, but Brandy using herself as a weapon becuase she has HIV…I do nto see thius as being positive or plausible. Rape is a violent crime and she have been killed all in an effrot to teach hium a lesson. Why not have someone there hiding to stop him, HIV is no longer a death sentence and certainly not a fit punishment for a rapist in of itself. Sorry Brother…it is a mix of urban legend and stigma …wrapped in a little bit of ignorance about rape and HIV. I just can’t get with this.

    • Who said it was positive? I think it’s very plausible actually has happened several times in real life.

      But there undoubtedly are more effective ways of carrying out her mission to stop him from raping women. It’s realistic in how a woman naturally would feel after being raped. She’s scorned, and wants someone to pay.

      HIV is known as a terminal illness. Nothing ignorant about that. It’s one of the leading causes of death in America and has been for quite some time. That’s not ignorance. But if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine too. Thank you for reading.

  24. all though I’m glad Brandy taught Jason a lesson, I disagree with A W when she said that all women are saying when they wear a certain attire is that they like the outfit, which tell me that A W loves wearing revealing clothing, and wants a lot of attention.

    • I agree with A.W., women aren’t sending you or anyone else a “message” by their clothing choice. It’s creepy and disturbing that you think because of that comment she “loves wearing revealing clothing and wants a lot of attention”.

  25. I can’t believe how anyone would say it has to do with her attire or anything similar. Aren’t we all outraged and heartbroken about a young boy being killed based on his appearance? Maybe each of us needs to take some accountability and start treating each other like humans! Male, female, white, black, dressed, undressed, clean cut, tatted up, whatever it may be. She said no. She had no obligation to say anything except NO. To blame her in any way at all is wrong. 80% of women in America will be raped in their lifetime. That’s unacceptable.

    • Well even knowing somebody’s M.O. doesn’t make you responsible for their actions. But I will say she’ll be ineffective in trying to stop him unless she calls the police but no matter what, he was in control of his actions and did his own wrongs.

  26. In NO way was she wrong. BUT what she should have done after she got raped and I am hoping that she did was to go to the authorities and get this guy “in the system” and off the street. Even if that is his MO, was she expecting him to do that? Probably not. In this day and age we have to be SO careful about everything that we do because there are people out there that have their own agenda and you don’t find out what it is until after the fact.

    It amazes me how people are trying to hold her accountable for what HE did. As someone stated, rape is about power and control, so that says that HE has issues and for those of you that said that in the act she should have stated she had HIV, he is NOT in that mindset that it would click that there was problem.

    BUT will any of the other women he abused come forward so that he will belong to Bubba when he goes to the big house? ONe would hope so but more often then not, they don’t becaue they are lead to believe that somehow it was their fault and society judges those who are “damaged goods” so they will carry that pain to their grave.

    As a society we need to educate ourselves and our loved ones on behaviors and what we can do to attempt to lessen the impact of something like this. I have daughters and I have to make sure that they are aware of what can happen if they are not cued into those things that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck or give you that sick feeling in your stomach.

    Additionally, I talk to their male friends and make sure that they understand that I hold them to a high standard and would expect them to treat the women they date like they treat the most important female in their life.

    Part of the problem in my opinion is that as a society we are looking for others to be the role models for our children and not instilling the values of the “good ole days”. I want my girls to have the same or similar values that I came up with, not this “it is all about me” mindset.

    Thank you for sharing this story, I am going to make sure that my ladies read this and we are going to have a conversation about this as a family. I think that is what many familys need to do. Again, thank you for sharing.

  27. Bottom Line he was wrong on so many different levels… in so many different ways!
    His insinuation is was led him to contract this virus… I don’t give a flying Duck if she was butt naked HE HAD NO RIGHT!!!!! He has probably been doing this for quite sometime.

  28. #EPICFACEPALM & JESUS WEPT …is all I have to say about this problematic post. UNTIL FOLK STOP MORALIZING HIV/AIDS as opposed to realizing that it is a medical/biological issue…infection will spread. Yes, rape is bad, and yes this tired ass allegory reduces a serious epidemic down to a “Was She Asking For IT” “She GAWT That Nasty Woman’s Disease” and dare I say a morality tale, people will continue to get infected. I just can’t with SOME of ya’ll JESUS GRAB THE phucking wheel please.

  29. Powerful story. I’m saddened in 2013 some people still believe a woman is “asking for it” because of her clothing. Rape is NOT about sex, it is about control and the sick predatory ideas of the rapist.

    I’ve read some of the comments and am blown away by the judgements of some. In particular Eddie’s comment “…which tell me that A W loves wearing revealing clothing, and wants a lot of attention.” I suggest you do some soul searching, if you think by reading someone’s comment you can determine that 1. They like revealing clothing and 2. They want a lot of attention. That is a very troubling comment and mindset to have. A woman should be able to wear whatever she wants without fear of being assaulted or harassed.

    There are consequences for our actions and it appears “Jason” reaped some pretty steep ones. A very thought provoking story.

  30. OMG! Lesson must be learned. everything is a lesson From GOD! pay attention to

    what someone is saying to you, do not blow them off, Rape is not about sex its about control
    it is a Crime.

  31. Some of these comments on here are so beyond ignorant and hurtful its not even funny. I will never understand why people blame rape victims for being raped. I am a proud rape survivor and victims advocate. There was a time I’d never spoke about my rapes (yes I said rapes because its happened more than once and I knew them) because everyone told me my choices made him rape me. That going out with my boyfriend of a year and wearing a skirt made him rape me. I blamed myself for 10 years because I believed it was my fault. I changed everything. I stoped wearing dresses and skirts and shorts. I wore pants in the summer time because I didn’t want to be raped. I wore the sweatpants, I didn’t wear make up and I did everything possible to make sure no one noticed me.

    And the funny thing is, that still didn’t stop it feom happening. But I carried the blame for something I didn’t do. Theres nothing that I or anyone else can do to make someone rape them. And that’s the problem now. People don’t realize the hurt and pain that rape causes. People don’t understand that survivors have flashbacks and panic attacks and nightmares decades after the abuse happens. People don’t understand how much shame it causes. And you don’t want to talk about it because they ask you what were you wearing? Why did you let him in your house? Why were you drinking? Why this why that as if me havinh on a skirt gives anyone the right to touch me without my permission.

    And I hate to have to say this but in the black community we like to keep rape and child abuse a secret. Its ignored, not talked about, swept under the rug. Victims are looked at as liars, like were the ones who did something wrong when we say we’ve been hurt. Especially if its someone that everyone knows then no ones going to believe you.

    I had an ex boyfriend give me an ultimatum because I wouldn’t give him the details of my rape. He broke up with me, then proceeded to harass me about getting back with him and when I told him no this man actually had the audacity to tell me he was glad I was raped because I don’t know how to treat men. These are the comments that we deal with every dad from our family and friends.

    I mean what ever happened to don’t touch it unless you have permission? We learned that in kindergarten people.

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