14 thoughts on “Thoughts Of A Good Man

  1. Very insightful and encouraging. I have two young daughters and all I pray for is that they will have a good “Christian” man (no such thing as perfect, Only Christ) in their lives. Nice to know I can keep hope alive given these times we live in. Relationships can be successful when the man and woman know their role and fully committed to make it successful. You are definitely on the right path. You are a fine young man. Thanks Derrick.

  2. Powerful, and food for thought from a male point of view. Sometimes, we as Black women carry such a huge chip on our shoulders , we can’t see or hear what a brother really needs from us that is so small. Thank you

  3. Very well said Derrick. Something that we all need to see AND to put into practice.
    Patiently Waiting for my good man!

  4. “The ONLY reason work ever comes before quality time…” I applaud this, brother. But don’t allow space for the insecurity. Knowing she will stick by you, regardless, should bring that security right back. She appreciates the effort, but you are still her focus over the tangible items.

    • That’s easy to say. But when you see females bragging about what their man was able to provide and you see the longing face of your women when she can’t have those things, it’s very easy to birth that insecurity

  5. It is okay to be an independent woman but she has to know when she has encountered a good man to transition from independent to interdependent that way her man feels needed instead of unwanted. So man women in our culture are stuck in a mindframe that good men don’t exist. Excellent blog.

  6. I think you for your honesty. It is revreshing to bear the truth about a man’s intent and what they aren ‘t saying. It stung but a good dose of reality is a welcome gesture. But thank you. I see the light through the storm.

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