She’s Real

Pictured: Ariel Sansaricq

Pictured: Ariel Sansaricq

Some girls need a baller because they’re so high maintenance. She doesn’t need a man for anything, but still shows appreciation.

Some girls don’t get treated right, and get revenge by cheating. If she ain’t getting treated right, she’ll let you know by leaving.

Some girls will roll your weed for you, and play video games. She’s going to make sure you eating right and proof read your resumĂ©.

For likes and comments, some girls will take pictures of their ass. She’d rather get looked over and pose in pictures with class.

Some girls beg for attention by twerking, and can bust it open. She gets respect by working, and would rather stay focused.

Some girls won’t leave the house unless their weave’s tight in the lacefront. She has so much confidence, she hardly even wears make up.

Some girls dodge boredom by giving any guy sex. She’d rather be lonely than settle for less.

Some girls strive to be the baddest bitch they can be. You call her bad or a bitch, and watch how fast she’ll leave.

Some girls beg for a ring so they can get you for half. She waits patiently then helps you double what you already had.

Some girls make it clap, but she deserves an applause ’cause while she never could fit in, she remained real through it all.

14 thoughts on “She’s Real

  1. If i was showing more i’ll probably get more likes…..mmmmm i’ll past….i’m quite hydrated not that thirsty

  2. Some girls inspired by reality shows and famous people. She rather becomes the inspiration to others in living a life full of purpose and fulfilling a Vision..Thanks for the confirmation in staying on the path…:)

  3. Love love love it! And the women doing all the unpleasant things wonder why they get treated the way they do. Alot of men don’t put in the work needed because women like that make it too easy… You’re truly inspiring and I like how you make both men and women think about how their actions contribute to the situation.

      • To excuse a woman of all liability of the attention she brings to herself, is the same as saying you can walk into a grocery store naked, but it’s not your fault if people stare. Being a good man/woman doesn’t make you incapable of treating someone with the amount of respect they give themselves and giving them only that respect doesn’t mean you’re not a good man/woman.

      • Your disagreement is fair and respected. But I know that a good man is still a man. He’s no hero nor is it his responsibility to go saving females. Good men go to strip clubs. They don’t walk out because the woman is disrespecting herself, they throw dollars and watch because that’s what she wants. That’s like saying, instead of fighting, a good man will always walk away. It’s unrealistic to think that because a man has integrity, the worst in him can’t be brought out. I think your attention has somehow veered away from the responsibility of a woman to carry herself in a manner that demands respect. It’s not a man’s job to make her be a woman.

      • Derrick, I’m glad that you took time to read my reply , you responded with respect. We may never agree, but you acknowledged and listened to my opinion. That showed me a lot about your character. Thank you!

  4. Yup, and this “real” woman will be the first one who is friend-zoned or treated as a “sister” as he wife’s up the ratchet hoe only to come to his senses later, try to pursue that real woman only to find her scooped by a real man.

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