Black Woman Throws Baby to Fight

Skip to 1:40 to see the worst of it

Black women, yes I’m speaking to you and ONLY you. I have a problem with the percentage of you who do things like this daily. If you’re AVERAGE you’re already getting ready to do one of three things which is:

1. Point out men as to how they contribute to the problem or other races who do it too(deferment)

2. Say it’s not your fault, it’s society’s fault, or

3. Dismiss and bash me for ‘hating’ black women.

At some point, you have to take a look in the mirror and take FULL accountability for YOUR actions.
Somebody raised this mother, and this mother is going to raise this little black girl she threw across the bus to be another black woman doing the same shit. STOP having these children if this is what kind of example you’re going to be. STOP blaming everyone else for causing a problem that you continue to facilitate and then defer to everything around you. YES you have obstacles, more so than anyone else, but the more you use that defense mechanism as a crutch, the less focus we give to the solution. You can’t honestly say you love and adore your children if this is what you’re showing them they should grow up to be like.

Take your role as a mother seriously. Whatever it is you do, just remember that you’re teaching your child to be just like you. I’m not bashing you, I’m being that one real friend in your corner who’s tapping you on your shoulder letting you know that you’re way out of line. Twerking videos, fighting, cussing everyone out, beating your kids senseless, half naked mirror pics, NOT working while collecting government aid checks. That shit ain’t cute. And it needs to stop.

I challenge you, for ONCE, to just humble yourself and say, “You know what, we do need to do better. We’re not the only problem, but we do more than enough to contribute to it with our actions.” Not for me, but for the little girl in the video thrown across the bus.

-Derrick Jaxn

10 thoughts on “Black Woman Throws Baby to Fight

  1. I saw your tweets before reading this post and it is amazing how many ppl responded in one of the three ways you listed. I agree…Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to a child is the parent(s) they are born to.

  2. Thank you for speaking about this. If I would say all these things, with which I agree totally, I would be called a racist (even though it’s not about race, but ok). She probably would say things like what do I know about her problems, I’m a white b****, I’ve never seen her world so how dare I talkin’ ’bout taking responsibility for her life, she has a baby and I don’t …. and so on and so on. Always the same stupid thoughtless comments. Bla bla bla.

    I really don’t want to come to her defence, what she did is not acceptable, but she could have thrown the baby on the floor or somewhere else, where it could have been injured. She instead decided to throw it into the arms of an other human, which shows that she is not 100% hopeless and still a little bit aware of her surrounding or at least I guess so.

    However, as Carmesha wrote, “the worst thing that can happen to a child is the parent(s) they are born to” and I’m so sorry for those kids.

  3. I have 3 little girls and I would never even let myself THINK about ever allowing myself to get into a situation where I would put my children in danger BY CHOICE. Unfortunately not everyone is in possession of a lovely gift called common sense. I agree to an extent that there are a lot of angry women out there. The point of the matter is as a mother and a person, you need to be able to manage your issues… ESPECIALLY when it has the potential to harm the people around you. Children are so helpless. It really hurt me to watch this video because my youngest is about the same age. I couldn’t see me continuing an argument knowing that it’s going to build up and there may be a chance that my child could become a casualty. I was always trained to protect those around me first. I always had my little sister or little cousins around me. Even at the youngest of ages, I always put them first in any situation. I don’t know what was going through this woman’s head, but she took it upon herself to willingly throw her baby into a stranger’s arm to satisfy her own thirst for what she felt was “justice”. They say God takes care of babies and fools… Let’s pray that she watches this video and realizes she needs to take care of her own issues so that she can be a better mother to her daughter. I don’t care how good of a mother I know I am, there is always room for improvement and the same goes for any other mothers out there. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders sometimes, but the best way to excel is to learn how to properly cope with and effectively respond, to stressful situations. Therapy is always an option and if you don’t have medical care, (or money for that) the library is full of really wonderful self-help books that everyone has access to. I will be praying for them both. This was really eye-opening.

  4. That is so sad. She disrespected her child worse than ANYONE ELSE could have. Before…and WHEN..she tossed the child to go fight. So that fight and the beef with the other female was more important than her child??? I don’t understand women like this, I really dont. It’s frustrating and heart breaking. Poor lil baby. This is what she has to look up to.

  5. I definitely agree. Thank you as a black man for stepping up and saying something. If all black men were on the same page as you, much of this would stop. I used to stay across the street from the projects. It seemed to me most of this was to gain attention of the men of our race. The sad thing is no one would tell them better. If it was brought up, immediately to them, you were ashamed to be black. The men just stood by. To this day, it’s a sign of entertainment to them. Sites like Worldhiphop not only make those of us aware of the behavior, but contribute to making light of it. It’s not only the women, but the men also- the fathers of these kids; these mothers. If you don’t want kids or can’t take care of them stop being trifling also and take responsibility for your part. Wear condoms! Or don’t jave sex. Stop relying on the women to always have this under control. The men have to speak up as well and want better. Fathers and mothers- want better for your kids. Act better for your kids. Environment can be changed, if you want it changed.

  6. A true tragedy for the daughter…….they deserve the absolute best training and lessons on how to become the best Women they can be……If we don’t show and tell them, we are tainting their souls, reputations, and spirits……a direct cause of some level of destructionon on and to their lives…..we need and must do better……our lil ladies deserve and require it to be all they can be……it’s up to us……do your part Mothers…….

  7. I wish every black women that behaves like that could only pause and see herself. As a woman we are suppose to be classy, smart, humble. Every action you make determines your beauty. Even you act with class, and talk with modesty, walk humbly and smile kindly you are the most beautiful woman in the world. This is how animals act not humans.

  8. I remember when I first saw this video I almost lost it. I couldn’t understand why anyone would get into an argument especially because you think it will affect your child. Clearly the child had no understanding of what was going on but the mother saw otherwise. Secondly if she really cared about what her child thought it would have been to ignore the other women instead of throwing her child into a strangers arms. What if the stranger had missed. I feel like because someone has a child all their morals and beliefs stay the same instead of mature.

  9. You sir, made a statement that transcends black. ALL women need to become more aware of the children we are raising and get back to the basics of life. Kindness, humility, innocence and to care more for others and the impression we will leave on future generations. Thank you!

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