Valentine’s Day- A Side Chick’s Worst Nightmare

So it’s that time of year where the rose pedals are falling, the wine is pouring, and theImage touchdowns are being scored. If you’re one of the lucky ones, your only challenge is to figure out how to innovate from last year to get exactly what you get at the end of the night you always get. As for the other 80% of single and It’s complicated America, this holiday should be banned. Single women are updating the “Independent Chick” playlists and getting ready to join forces with their single friends and pretend they don’t feel the pressure together. Yet and still, there’s no one with more on their plate than those riding the fence; the mistresses better known as “side-chicks'”

This is something like an American Idol audition for them and they’re either going to Hollywood or getting sent back home after waiting in line for so long for their big break. Oblivious to the fact they’ve been instructed to never tag pictures on Facebook without permission, that there’s never any planned dates but instead a random “Hey let’s chill” text, or how sitting on the edge of the bed watching Netflix is his idea of a dinner date; the hope that she’s really his one and only is still alive. No doubt about it, the side chicks are more nervous than a trick-or-treater asking Jerry Sandusky for candy on Halloween, but I’m here to help. If you want to make sure you’re not getting your hopes up for nothing, answer these questions:

side-chick11. Did your “man” start an argument with you? Starting an argument is a great excuse for a guy to plead his case about why he figured you wouldn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day. If he’s lucky you’ll even give him the silent treatment until it’s over.

2. Does he give you an “I have a dream” speech about why he doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day? Maybe because it’s just a conspiracy from the government to make money or that instead of just one day, every day should be a day to prove one’s affection? Well, if a guy’s really into you, then any reason to treat you special and put a smile on your face is a good one. Just so you know.

3. Is he complaining about hitting tough financial times because he’s still waiting on his tax money? That’s what we call the good ole’ rope-a-dope. Just one of the many ways to stall while Valentine’s Day turns into your way of proving you understand and can hang in there when the going gets tough.

4. Did something come up that’s going to take him out of town on that very day which either means celebrating early or a little later? Right…because it’s the occasion not the actual day that really matters. Truth is, his main girl ain’t tryna hear that, but you don’t have much of a choice.  It’s either that or just get straight up cut from the team; Or even worse, stood up.

Now you may have answered ‘No’ to these questions, but it doesn’t quite guarantee your position as the main woman. It just gives you a much better chance of seeing the flashing red lights before the train comes and you’re stuck on the tracks. When it comes man-cheating-med-newto keeping a rotation of faithful side chicks, guys will update their lies faster than the iPhone. As soon as you think you have one figured out there’s a brand new one, faster and better than the last. Besides, being a guy’s main chick isn’t any more an esteemed position than being the main one to use your toothbrush this morning. Step your self-respect up, you deserve it.

-Derrick Jaxn

15 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day- A Side Chick’s Worst Nightmare

  1. I feel you this is a wonderful blog keep writing them ,but its sad to see so many woman who actually love being the side chick or dont care that they are,main chick is the.same thing all that means is you aint the onnly one and so many or oblivious to this fact and believe they hold a speacial place in that mans heart when they mean nothing to them but a piece of ass or come up when they feel they want you their presence,putting a high price on yourself as if you are an item to be brought rather then the priceless human being you are the truth is there is only one you period so your not just priceless you are truly irreplaceable you cannot be duplicated nor can your essences stop selling yourself short

  2. This post is off-the-chain! I’m cracking up over here mainly because it’s true. I’m sure there will be tons of ladies across the country falling for one of those five things. Some may even get two. LOL!

  3. No one should care about being a losers main or side dish period! I’ve never felt pressure on Valentines day to have a man, maybe I’m the awkward type! But it’s really not that big of a deal cuz the truth is since 4 years ago when my lit girl learned bout valentines day, she feels she should be showered with bears, flowers and candy! Oh ya and iTunes cards Lol if there’s one there’s one if not it really isn’t that big of a deal, wats more of a big deal is sleeping in on that day if I can!!!!!

  4. I really like your view, when you said ‘Well, if a guy’s really into you, then any reason to treat you special and put a smile on your face is a good one’. Its a very nice perspective about Valentines Day

  5. I have never been a side chick and I never plan to be. But this post the truth because I have seen many friends be the “side chck” also seen some guys be the “side guys.” Keep up the great work Derrick 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day

  6. If I can’t be the only chick then I don’t want to be his chick at all.It cause to much confusion,,stress,,and heartache,although some women dwell in it and like the idea of being 2nd,realizing that you are better than that makes it clear that he ain’t worth it.

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