Hailed Then Nailed

Everyone wants to be a superstar. I mean what could possibly be better than living out your dream in front of huge crowds, making millions, and having the  time of your life? Well, I can think of a few things  because you can’t just be a celebrity without owing the world something in return. In most cases, your personal life fits the bill. Sports analysts, news broadcasters, Windy Williams and the likes continue to sell the souls of celebrities for better ratings. I think we’ve forgotten that behind the images we’re sold of the rich and famous are real humans. They eat, sleep, and hurt just like the rest of us. It’s hilarious(as in sad) that we talk down about somebody and in the same breath say “Only God Can Judge Me”.  We love giving a damn with no permission don’t we?Image

Let’s not even get into who’s casting the first stone, but why is it we’re throwing them at the mirror? We’ll yawn past every spectacular thing a talented black person does, but on the first and final strike, we’re fake caring about somebody like that puts us in the VIP line through the pearly gates. Prime examples; Chris Brown and Chad (Ocho-Cinco) Johnson.  Both of them, black super stars, yet aggressors in domestic violence altercations. Now I don’t condone that, outside of the most extreme circumstances(which I doubt was the case with either of them). I also have plenty of my own business to mind rather than borrowing theirs. It’s nothing wrong with disagreeing or even hating the acts of these men, but to let these isolated events define and embody them both personally and professionally….is a little unfair. All for what? So we can feel not so bad about falling short of the success they’ve earned?  Or are we so brainwashed that when we see a black superstar, it doesn’t make sense unless something  goes wrong?


It’s disturbing that when there’s  any bias from us toward us, it’s not in favor of our own. Everybody hated Chris Brown when it was the cool thing to do. Even though his career’s resurrected with consecutive hit songs, a Grammy award and several nominations since the domestic altercation, he’s still answering to the world of sinners for not being perfect. 4 years later, some of us are holding on to the burden of hate for the only rightful owner, Rihanna, who’s long since let it go. Kanye said it best, “People never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em”. If they do, it’s not before we pluck the pedals leaving only the thorns. We force our stars to pay one hell of a price for pursuing their dreams and being good at it. I haven’t even been around that long and already I see a pattern. They live, we hate, they die, we perform tributes and buy t-shirts as we proudly pretend we loved them all along. Or am I the only one who noticed…?

Honorable Mentions of Extremely Talented Black People We Hailed Then Nailed


Gabrielle Douglas. Her pony tail was sweating out…. as she set olympic records for a country that gives her two n half strikes for being a female, African-American, and dark skinned at that.


Kanye West. Musical GENIUS. Lost his mother, months later was intoxicated and spoke out of turn at an awards show.


Lebron James. Broadcasted his decision to leave an athletic program with a horrible team and franchise that was hardly promising. Also donated $1 million to charity from the proceeds that no one mentions. Hands down one of the best athletes of ALL TIME(not up for debate).


Whitney Houston. Did drugs. Possibly one of the most remarkable vocalists to ever live and was the first black woman recognized as “America’s Sweetheart”.


Michael Jackson. Accused of child molestation in which I don’t believe he was ever guilty of. This man was amazing and even that’s an understatement. He paved the way for black and white artists today who don’t even come close to his level.

9 thoughts on “Hailed Then Nailed

  1. Well said! The hypocrisy of so many to judge folks for being human and having weaknesses, forgetting their own, after practically worshipping the same folks in better times. It really is sad that we can’t assemble long enough to build each other up, but we sure will take our time tearing each other down. Keep writing, sweets. 😉

    • Thank you very much! I just wish we were our own biggest chearleaders. Being extremely capable of bias, we dish it out unproportionately away from ourselves. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’ll keep writing. Please keep on reading 🙂

      • Complete agreement. What’s funny is that I know without hesitation that I am my harshest critic… I try so hard to avoid the nonsense because I know I need to get right on certain things myself. Perhaps more people need a bigger dose of self-reflection, but their backs are to the mirror.

        Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I come from England, and there we have a reputation of keeping up appearances except when it comes to our musicians. It’s been a while where we don’t expect perfection from any of them and love them no matter what. America is a bit hypocritical in that this country is supposed to be a place where one can be who they want to be and pursue what they desire. Yet, so many of the stars have portrayed who they are not in fear of losing fans. it’s time we let people be themselves and enjoy what they bring us in way of entertainment, not their lives but their craft and art.

  3. Wow..such a good aricle and i couldn’t agree more. But its sad to see how as African Americans we can put each other down. Just dont understand sometimes.

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