A REAL Man Can Handle…

I got an email not too long ago from a woman having some issues keeping a man, and I couldn’t believe her reasoning as to why she was having such a hard time. Apparently there’s not many men who are “man enough” to step up to her plate…which was loaded with a bunch of BS she felt should come with the package of “not being perfect”. According to various Twitter rants and casual conversations I’ve overheard, a lot of women seem to share her sentiments, so this message is to her and every woman alike. If you’ve ever said, “It takes a real man to be able to handle me”, I probably(as in definitely) am talking to you….

Why do you feel an entitlement to a man’s perserverance to keep you while all you do is put it to the test? In other words…you’ve got some nerve. A real man is hard enough to find as it is, don’t think that the world owes you one. Ask around, being lonely long-term is more than a myth.

It’s way too much TV watching going on if perfectly sane women are really expecting every brother to come whisk them off their feet as they kick one leg in the air. The ones who are ready and willing to do just that also come with high standards and can spot trouble a mile away. But hypothetically speaking, let’s say a real man does come your way. He’s probably working hard to keep his bills paid on time and credit score high. After a long day of doing that, you figure the best way to strengthen the relationship and repay him is to give him more stress: Being stubborn, asking a million questions at all the wrong times, acting suspicious of every move, claiming you’re tired when he says he’s hungry. Like that’s your role. Like you got it like that. Like there ain’t already a good number of single good women and an unlimited supply of misguided women like you just waiting for a chance….

What man wants a woman that he has to “handle” anyway. You’re grown, or at least try to pretend. You’re going around telling everyone how you was “too much” for your last man, but you’re the first to start talking slick when you see him with a white girl. It’s not about race so let’s not even go there, but you seem real quick to point a finger at everyone and everything but the mirror.Image “Nobody’s Perfect”, “My Good Outweighs My Bad”, “Men Are Intimidated By a Strong Woman”, yeah I’ve heard it all. Truth remains, real men like to be appreciated and taken care of and if they’re not getting it with one, they’ll go looking for another just like clock work. You don’t know what you got til it’s gone and better off without you. Everyone has potential, but right now you have some issues to work through and it starts with this reality check. It doesn’t take a real man to handle you, it takes a fool.

-Derrick Jaxn

5 thoughts on “A REAL Man Can Handle…

  1. Points well taken….it seems that even in today s society a woman is still looking for a man to ‘take’ care of her when the taking care of is not being reciprocated! Relationships today are very one sided and if you are not working TOGETHER in it you are working against one another ….Often I go to the restaurant with my (male) friend and automatically the waiters put the check in front of him immediately he stops them and points out the fact that since you do not know who is paying for the meal put it in MIDDLE and allow the customers to pick it up…therefore unless two are in the middle of of the relationship together they are on OPPOSITE sides playing tug of war and the ‘game’ aint changed just the Players!

    • Very interesting indeed. I’m glad you understand my points. On a subject like this with such a strong tone I know I have to be intentional about the message I’m sending and it seems like it was dead on… πŸ™‚

  2. As always, I enjoy reading your blogs. I can slightly relate to the concerns the female stated however, I do not see myself as something to “handle”. I know my challenges as to why I am still single and more so they are on my own merits and not that there isn’t a man who can “handle” me. I often feel sad for the women who feel this way primarily because they do not see that there mentality and approach to love can be detrimental. I wish women who felt this way would wake up and recognize that just as much effort they are expecting him to put forth, is the same effort that he is expecting from her. And a large number of men are simple to please. Many are only looking for someone who can have a hot meal prepared. Many do not ask for much in return of them forking over the credit card or putting up with our misguided friends. After hearing some of the stories of my male friends relationship experiences, I tend to feel bad for them as well because I know that they are genuinely nice guys who have found women who have not recognized their value.

  3. Wow… made me laugh because some of this talks about me. Sometimes I give a hard time to the person i just started dating because I am just not used to a “Man”. I have been the one to say i want a real man but that’s only because i was used to dealing with boys that have no goals or aspirations in life; that did not like to work and wanted a woman to take care of them. At least i acknowledge my faults because i defiantly do not want to remain as that stubborn, overbearing woman. πŸ™‚

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