Mistake….n Love

I recently had a conversation with a young lady discussing our pasts which always turns out to be interesting. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they analyze their experiences. She told me that in her last relationship, she never loved her ex even though she thought she did. Pretty normal right? I mean we’ve all been there and I, like everyone else, know that lust comes before love. So, I continued to listen hoping there was some kind of epiphany she had at the end of it all.

As she talked, the possible explanations of what she felt kept switching until she just concluded, “ya know I guess I never really thought about it”. First of all, when dealing with the heart, things all but slip your mind. They haunt you until you’re so exhausted you just give up or make sense of it and few of us are so lucky to do the latter. So I called her defense mechanism’s bluff right off the bat but what bothered me is that she still hadn’t figured it out. You can’t treat an illness that you haven’t diagnosed. I proceeded with caution from then on and I use the term “proceeded” loosely.

I decided long ago that I’ve had enough heartbreaks to last me a lifetime so someone’s mistaken love is the last thing I need in my near future. Too many times we ignore red flags like these. I’ll keep myself from having that “I wish I woulda” moment in the future when I realize I’m no exception to reality. Thanks but no thanks.

-Derrick Jaxn

3 thoughts on “Mistake….n Love

  1. OMG…Derrick I am glad tht you are willing to admit that you don’t want love but I have found that that is exactly when it finds you….I had sworn off love twelve years ago and that’s when it smacked me in my face. Women are so easily influenced by what we think love is supposed to be we forget how to just go with the flow. How can you swear off love when it is something that we do naturally without any effort. How can you possibly avoid it? Either brutal honesty to women or you keep it moving but inevitably it will happen…

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