Chick-Fil-A Sees Record High Sales

Ok, you’ve probably already heard, but if not….Chick-fil-A hit record breaking sales on Wednesday which was “Appreciation Day”. “While we don’t release exact sales numbers, we can confirm reports that it was a record-setting day,” Steve Robinson, Chick-fil-A’s executive vice president of marketing, said in a statement. In other words, the efforts of Pro-Gay marriage-ians who decided to try and sabatogize the success of Chick-fil-A….backfired. I guess all this talk that’s stirring is making them more relevant than ever, and when lunch time comes, it’s only one place on my mind. I admit, I was worried about America, but apparently we still have some sense in tact. Now I’m for everyone having the right to do what they want both moral and immoral as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. If Chick-fil-A purposely sold poisoness sandwhiches to gay people, I’d understand your sentiments completely. Otherwise, I can’t understand why people would boycott a business for their views unless they were that insensitively gunhoe about making an example out of someone. Sure, it’s a right of the people to patronize who they wish, but can we use our collective buying power to send a more valid message on things that really need changing…that wouldn’t include religious beliefs by the way.

So anyway, I’ve continued eating at God’s gift to chicken lovers, aka Chick-fil-A. Just as I’m rubbing my stomach in satisfaction of a tasty waffle fry, I hear that Chicago has banned the opening of any new Chick-fil-A stores opening…..seriously. So to open a business, a test must be given of what political/religious beliefs the store owner has first? If this doesn’t scream constitutional decay, I don’t know what will. Well either way, I’m sure they’re enjoying the free promo given by the protesters. Oh yeah….Eat mor chickin!!!! 🙂


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