Gay People

ImageI’m only an expert of my own perception so if you have sensitive eyes, this might not be your read. With that being said, I’m really not feeling how this whole “gay” movement is being conducted as well as criticized. It seems like everyone ties things together at what ever conceniences their argument. Contrary to popular belief, lifestyle choices don’t dictate a person’s character. For example; Christians. No I don’t agree with being gay…that’s why I’m not gay. But it seems that “pro-gay” people think that makes you a homophobic for having an opinion. I’m all for us having equal rights, but that also includes the right to be disagreed with too. Same thing with other socially unaccepted lifestyles such as drug users and atheists. You can’t just ask everyone to celebrate your personal choice and call it a right. No, I’ll continue to skip the gay pride parades without losing a minute of sleep regardless of who likes it.


 And I always get questions like, “So what if your child was gay?” Well first off, if it’s my daughter, then fine. (stereotypical I know). But if it’s my son…that’s fine too. Being gay is one thing, but wanting to be a woman is a completely different animal. Everyone’s comprimising the roles that aren’t defined in black and white and even some that are. No there’s no law that mandates that people with testicles should dress a certain way, but structure and order doesn’t negate a free country. How you carry yourself, how you handle your responsibilities, and how you treat others all tie into the role of a man. It has little to do with your sexual preference. I won’t applaud my son running from his responsibility to be a man. If he’s attracted to men, that’s his choice and has no bearing on my success as a father. But if he feels like wearing heels and make-up is the way to find himself, then he’ll find himself under a roof of his own. Men doing manly things is just the way it’s supposed to be. That’s why it’s called MANly. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel here guys. Whoever created us made it pretty simple to distinguish what side of the fence we were on. Cross dressing men conveniently tie in their womanly aspirations with being homosexual for some strength in number tactic but it’s really not the same. I’ve never disliked a person for being gay, ever. I’ve always been disgusted by men who don’t want to be men, whether gay or straight. 

I don’t understand what the fuss is about gay marriage either. We can’t start enforcing religious beliefs now after years of slavery, lack of civil rights, and a corrupt justice system(RIP Trayvon Martin). So as long as it’s not causing harm to the general public, gays should have the right to marry, vote, and get mistreated like the rest of us. It’s a free country. Image


8 thoughts on “Gay People

  1. The more I read, the more impressed I am. I am shaking my head in awe over here because we have a brother who has views on politics, romance, heartbreak, religion, etc. You are so well rounded! I know it must be a pleasure for the person/people who have face-to-face conversations with you. 🙂 I’m going back to reading now. LOL

  2. ANOTHER great post by you man. I’m a Christian and I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle, but I’m not in any way a homophobe. Thank you for your posts man, you’re really good at what you do!

  3. Hehehe… I love your intelligence and how you speak your mind and heart! But please do allow me to give just a little bit of a dissenting view. We know that sexual orientation (gay, straight, etc.) is hard-wired on the brain prior to birth. This is due to genetics and something called epigenetics – mother’s hormonal environment influencing the expression of various genes.

    That other bit… about transsexuals. Well, I’ll just say I’m glad I’m not gay and I’m VERY glad I’m not transsexual. I easily fit into the norm – the common, average type of person. But we know that, like sexual orientation, gender identity – knowing if you are male or female – is ALSO on the brain… and the evidence is that it is hard-wired on the brain prior to birth.

    Imagine waking up in the wrong body – waking up tomorrow and living in a female body. It would be hell. It would be torment. And it IS for those folks.

    As intelligent and insightful as you are, I bet you can come to understand this. NO ONE would choose these things. These are not “lifestyle choices” – this is how these people ARE. They cannot help it… and they need understanding and compassion. You deserve to quietly and calmly consider these things – to LISTEN to some of these people – with an open mind. You’re very, very intelligent… I know you can come to understand and respect these things.


    • I can respect your viewpoint, but please don’t credit my intelligence to my likelihood of agreeing with you or seeing things your way. Because while I disagree respectfully, I’m still insightful.

      I don’t believe sexual preference is pre-determined. As a young man, I was a clean slate. If I grew up in a society that taught me to look at men lustfully, I would no doubt. But my environmental influences steered me another direction. It’s no coincidence that pro-creation of the human race is only possible ONE way and one way only so does that not say something about the way it was intended?. Epigenetics influence personality, obesity, and the reason why twins’ DNA can remain the same yet differ in how they act. Nothing about why gay men choose to dress up as women or straight men choose to be deadbeat dads..

      People feel like they’re in the wrong body all the time. You ever heard of a scrawny kid who wishes he was muscular? Or how about an overweight girl who wishes she was a bikini model? As a poor child growing up, my rich mind always told me I was in the wrong body but that doesn’t mean I should go out and go rob people as some kind of way of “being true to myself”. Imagine me in court telling thew judge, “It was my epigenetics that made me steal that money. I was supposed to be rich, just accept me for me.”

      I do agree that whether or not you’re a female is written on your brain before birth, but clearly it’s not written stone. People take erasers to that writing all the time and that’s where we’re at today. A society that’s trying to rewrite our design. And that’s why I have a problem.

      I have LISTENED to some of them, but I also am to be LISTENED to as well. We both have a voice because we both have a sexuality and a gender identity. And I’m still an expert of my own perception.

      But again, a person’s sexual preference(as in choice) does not phase me one bit. But do understand, it’s called preference for a reason. And that reason is not because the epigenetics made them do it.

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