A Good Man Is Not That Hard to Find

Image. No one wants to be single forever searching for the perfect person but we also don’t want to give up hope and get less than we deserve. Single women are no stranger to this dillemma and it can be extremely difficult to play either side of the fence. But it’s not at all fair to say that good men are hard to find, or that there are no more left so I talked to some friends and got some interesting feedback about the topic and decided that it’s not that your standards are too high, you just need to prioritize them.

I will say that the higher your standards, the fewer you’re going to be able to have on the same level with a decent shot at finding love. Let’s look at your standards on a scale of importance from 1-10 with 10 being the least amount of tolerance to anything less than what you want. You’d probably want to have your standards set something like this:

5 standards- Level 10 (Ex: Loves God, Not Abusive, Good Hygiene, Hard Working, Honest)

4 standards- Level 8 (Ex: Good looks, Good job, Wants children, Ready to settle down)

3 standards- Level 5 (Ex: A lot of money, Well dressed, Sensitive)

Any lower and it’s not a standard…but this example gives a woman 12 things to require of her potential partner and happens to be quite realistic. You can’t possibly put all of them on the same level because while some things you should be willing to work with a man on, there are some that should never be compromised.  Don’t lower or erase your standards, but do choose wisely. Good men aren’t so hard to find, but they can be difficult to recognize. Image🙂


3 thoughts on “A Good Man Is Not That Hard to Find

  1. Good post…no one should ever lower their standards because they want someone to like them. You are right in saying that you are going to have standards that are non-negotiable such as believing in God and being honest, but of course small dislikes have to be overlooked when the most important characteristics are present.

  2. “Good men aren’t so hard to find, but they can be difficult to recognize.” I have found that one is unable to recognize them, because some to the qualities they are looking for in the men, they are usually lacking in themselves. You have to know it intimately, to see it readily. Nice post!

  3. I think it also goes along with taking a chance on someone. If you’d to busy setting standards you will miss out a wonderful person all because they didn’t meet all of your standards. Great answer.

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