A New Chapter….Same Book

Ok, so some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on somewhat a hiatus as of late. I’ve been collecting my thoughts on several subjects and just wanted to filter them before I spread the curtain. I guess the main one would be on the subject of women, trust issues, etc. It’s ironic that I almost made that one in the same of a genre of topics but in 2012 it seems to go hand in hand..

In my encounters with women, I’ve always believed in a kind of woman or a particular woman rather, that I’ll be be able to trust 100% with everything I am. A mistaken preconception to say the least but it’s not a bad thing. It’s unfortunate, but only realistic and human that nobody can be trusted 100%. We can’t even hold ourselves to our own expectations, much less meet someone else’s. So I’ve been wondering if trust is an all or nothing deal or can you trust someone….kinda? It really changes my entire perception of the “perfect for me” girl. It was a blissful yet naive dream turned nightmare. Just like when you first wake up in the morning, and those initial moments, you’re confused about where you are, what day it is, and what woke you up… well I’m trying to shake off the sleep and get on with my day to day. I never regret my past, because I always learn something with every person that goes through that revolving door of false alarms and close calls of love and friendship. For everyone knows that mistakes are only mistakes when you don’t learn. So to every former “friend” and “true love”, thank/fuck you for the lesson…. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A New Chapter….Same Book

  1. Trust is as valuable as a diamond and just as hard to really find. The key here is to know that if someone breaks your trust, they do not break you. Know that people will hurt you, you just have to know the ones you are willing to hurt for. Expect nothing, accept no intentions, give love and love will give to you…trust 🙂

  2. I’m kinda late to input here but this post particularly caught my attention. For me, trust is vital in a relationship and is an all or nothing deal (I’ve walked away before where there is no trust.) It’s the foundation on which I build my relationship with my man. Then comes other core values like honesty, integrity and loyalty. Without trust, however, you have nothing with which to build from. I feel that if these values are priority, this opens the avenue for open communication (no sneaky phone checking or calling every five minutes ‘checking to see where he’s at.’) Also too, I don’t expect it to just be my partner! After all a partnership requires both people actively working toward the same outcome so just like I expect to be able to trust my partner, I’ve got to show him he can trust me!

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