Veni Vidi Vici

ImageToday I went through a bit of a workshop with a fellow photographer at my school. We just went down the street and bounced ideas and tips while playing around with our cameras. During my poses, I found myself recollecting on my 5 years here at Tuskegee. I thought about every practice I went to hurt just to sit on the bench on saturday to watch my teammates play, the times I thought I had friends just to find out they were enemies well hidden, the time I wanted to start my organization and people laughed at the thought. But then…I thought about the chance I finally got to play and how I started every game afterwards. I thought about how those “friends” from before eventually dropped out of school and are going nowhere fast in life. I also thought about how I not only started my own organization, but led it for 2 very successful years of campus events and community service. God has kept me like he said he would. Even when I blew my whole refund check on a camera I didn’t know how to use, a year later I pay my bills from being my own boss. No one can credit my success to any SGA title or Greek letter organizational affiliation…from the ground up I made me. What’s ironic is, not once did I have me as the priority. Everything I did for my teammates, my friends, my campus and community was completely selfless. I believe that’s the key to any success. As long as your purpose is bigger than you, God will see you safely to it. With him by my side, Veni Vidi Vici. Not sure what it means, Google it. lol  🙂Image


11 thoughts on “Veni Vidi Vici

  1. While the pictures are very nice to look at reading your story meant so much more. I’m happy you’ve come as far as you have despite the many struggles. Thank you for not giving up, for pushing to keep going, and a reason and inspiration to so many of us!

    • I’ve watched my email carefully and noticed you’ve just about if not definitely went through every single post I’ve ever written. That’s very humbling, and I appreciate you.

      • Your very welcome. I love reading especially amazing work and you by far have transformed my thinking. Your writing is something I look forward to each day now especially when my day seems to just have been crazy.

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