What He Won’t Do, Another Man Will

ImageHearing this phrase is like walking in a port-a-potty barefoot. Yeah it disgusts me. I guess it’s supposed to put men in our “place” or show us how replaceable we are but it shows me a lot about a girls maturity or lack thereof when she says it. I say that because women are applying this thought to serious relationships as opposed to casual dates as it was meant to be. Why are you still shopping around for what another man will do? You’re going to end up losing a good man trying to live your life by these Google quotes. The grass ain’t always greener on the other side and this quote doesn’t have to go home to that lonely bed once you find out, you do.

Sure, if you’re not looking for anything serious, keeping your options open, by all means point him the other direction when he doesn’t meet your standards. But if you’ve got a good man, an “80%”, this quote will send you chasing that 20% for the rest of your life. Yes I do consider myself a “catch” and like most, I have pretty high standards for the woman I’m looking to build my future with. As soon as she says this, I know her mind is still in a place I left mine years ago and it’s time to keep it moving. Why you’re with me can’t be about what I “do” for you anyway, it should be about who I am and how that fits into your life. Watching these “reality” TV shows is slowly deteriorating our women’s sense of what it takes to grow with someone. I know this doesn’t apply to all women but there’s a growing population of those who don’t seem to know any better. For those who do, please break bread and be your sister’s keeper. For me. 🙂


6 thoughts on “What He Won’t Do, Another Man Will

  1. “Google quotes” that’s priceless. For what its worth, I think you’re right about “Reality TV” – it is a problem that so many women are addicted and think somehow it is really a reality program instead of entertainment!

    • Thanks. Not only do many women get addicted and fail to differentiate between that and REAL life, they also have some kind of admiration like it’s the way to be. smh They’ll learn one day!


      • i think that instead of quoting something we should take the time to express to our partner what we want out of life how we plan to make it together and both have to have both feet in the water ready to swim if neccessary

      • You’re exactly right. I’m a firm believer in communication and believe it makes or breaks many relationships. It just depends on what we’re communicating with that often times makes the big difference.

  2. I feel women say this to motivate themselves to leave a bad situation. I don’t see anything wrong with this quote. Some women don’t know what it feels like to go on a date, have a guy buy them flowers or open doors for them. So if your man is not doing his job as a man find a man that will do. It’s the same as when guys say what a woman won’t do in the bedroom another woman will.

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