Mental Treadmill Pt 1

This blog won’t be any advice tips for relationships nor understanding emotions. Just random thoughts I’ve internalized over the last few years. It’s always good to hit what I call the “mental treadmill”  every now and then so you can purge those things that are dead weight and slowing you down. I tend to be analytical sometimes but only because people are so predictable. When I look at the world for what it is, I notice a lot of self esteem issues, soul searchers, and pretenders. Nothing’s ever what it seems. It sucks that you have to read between the lines with every conversation but everyone wakes up and puts on the mask that they want people to identify them as. I’m no exception. I know my true self, and I’ve been trained to hide it from the world that hasn’t earned the right to know more. We might call it our shell that covers and protects us from being exposed and hurt…but that’s just for convenience. Truth is we have a desire to be accepted and that’s at the root of everything we do outside of physical need. The way we dress, the way we talk, the things we listen to are all dictated by who we’re looking to be accepted by. For some reason we were born insufficient from one another.  This could possibly be the driving force behind friendships, love, and different interest groups. It also imprisons us in a game of illusions and riddles rather than a world where our guard can be let down. We were equipped with the intuition to hurt one another and the self-defense system  to protect us all in one. What if we were born with neither? What if you could do anything you wanted and be perfectly happy without needing extra effort to overcome the persecutions? Honestly it gets exhausting. No matter how good you’re doing, how many lives you impact, you’re always going to have to try a little harder to enjoy it because somebody will have a problem with it. But it’s not their fault, they were born that way.  I guess it’s just another mysterious way that God chose to work huh.


2 thoughts on “Mental Treadmill Pt 1

  1. I envision your mind looking like the intricate details of a traditional grandfather clock, but to the tenth power. all those little chains and pulleys and sprockets and gears working in unison to produce the thoughts you put into words. You so sma’t. Witcho sma’t self. LOL

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