How to Be Single the Right Way

One thing I’ve noticed lately is how much of a hard time people have with being single. ‘Single’ is often associated in one’s mind with loneliness, abandonment, self-esteem issues, etc. I believe if we change the way we view “single”, it wouldn’t be so scary and could end up benefiting us down the road when it is time to try again at love. Happiness shouldn’t be an option, but a mandate in everyone’s life regardless of relationship status. So how do you be single the ‘right’ way? You have to take the energy you’d normally invest in yourself and your partner and focus 100% of it into just you. Because energy is neither created nor destroyed but rather transferred from one thing to the next, what you do after ending a relationship has to be intentional. Instead of using that left over energy for futile attempts at dating the first thing moving or on eharmony, re-invest your energy into yourself and do so in these 4 ways:

1. Build yourself up mentally by stimulating your mind with good reads. There are many awesome books out there and probably a few that have to do with something you’re already passionate about.

2. Build yourself up physically by going on a walk or light jog before you get your day started. Cut back on the fatty foods and soft drinks and try a new hairstyle. Let’s be honest, there’s no feeling like running into your ex and looking better than ever.

3. Build yourself up spiritually by talking to the one you call God, whomever that may be. If it’s what you do, try praying a little more and meditating daily on how you want to get more in touch with your spiritual self.

4. Lastly, build yourself up financially. Focus on your budgeting and saving habits that will help you keep more money for maybe a day at the spa later on in the month.

These are the ways to re-invest in you so that you can not only be ready for the next potential partner, but upgrade on the man/woman you attract. Re-investing in yourself will give you patience which along with comes peace. If you’re heartbroken, don’t make the next one responsible for picking up those pieces when you have perfectly good hands yourself. Love you more, because you’re worth it. 🙂


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