“Think Like A Man” = Bad Advice

The New York Best Seller and very popular relationship manual “Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady” by love doctor  Steve Harvey has inspired a new movie to be released to the big screen on April 20th titled “Think Like a Man”. Harvey seems to have finally unlocked some of the most well-hidden secrets inside a man’s psyche when it comes to relationships and women everywhere are eating it up fresh out the bag. While I believe there’s a lot of validity to his principles and even some logic to the title, in 2012 that philosophy is well outdated. A woman who attempts to think like a man forgets she was made to think like a woman, and that is more than sufficient.

Also, it’s kind of hard to think like a man if you’ve never been one but hypothetically speaking, let’s say it is possible. First you have to understand the society that the man was brought into. Steve Harvey who was born in the 50’s was introduced to a completely different America than the likes of us who were born in the 80s and up. How we were taught to view love and relationships is a 180 of what it was 30 years prior. Generally speaking, men have been conditioned to view marriage as our complete doom, where freedom and happiness go to die. Women on the contrary have been conditioned to believe that it is the completion to womanhood and only the beginning to her true happiness. I know this sounds stereotypical but think about the father’s and husband’s roles in tv shows and movies. Is he not always talking to his son going down memory lane to “Back in his day” before he was married? Is not the bachelor parties before the wedding always glorified as the most fun he’ll have the rest of his life? You never see men flashing their engagement ring to their friends who jump up and down in joy for him…but for women you do. The list goes on and on of the subtle implications that marriage is more for women than men which trickles down into many patterns of behavior in the years leading up to that point. There are definitely men who grow out of this system but to do so is to go against the grain, and there are many more who still fall victim to it. Those men are the ones who chose to be a product of their experiences, rather than a product of their environment. To truly understand what I mean, you might have to be a man but even as a woman, you may see some logic to the point I’m making because the same is true vice-versa. We’ll never truly understand the ins and outs of being a woman either. All that we can do is play the role of what God originally designated and let Him handle the rest. 🙂


7 thoughts on ““Think Like A Man” = Bad Advice

    • Well what I meant to do was to dispel the myth that it can be done and counter the previous attempts with a solid case. The last two sentences show that.

  1. Great post. It can be expounded even further with actual evidence. The best evidence available is the Holy Bible. A lot of people will miss it.. But it’s up to you to make it known.

    • Definitely agree. I purposely try to keep religion out of it so it can be generally respected as unbiased truth by people of any religious denomination.

  2. I aint mad at Steve because he doing what he do best..and people tend to accept things in a comical way more than straight up…as long as men use their status in life and money to define them as a man–there will always be ‘gold-digging’ and naive women looking to them as rescuers therefore making a recipe for disfunctional families, monster children, and domestic violence..O yea we already have all that going on now in the average black communities… too as long as men do not see women as equals they will forever be subservant, obedient, zombies that allow men to control them…however again I aint mad with you Steve– do you and people should THINK FOR THEMSELVES and what works for them and there ‘boo’..O welI I will see the movie as soon as it comes out on “bootleg”……..

    • Haha well said. Steve Harvey is seized a business opportunity with this one and is scoring big. Can’t be mad at that

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