Natural Hair vs. Processed Hair

Ethnic women are transitioning into what seems to be a nationwide phenomena of self-empowerment and confidence using their hair. What seemed to be just another trend with changing times is becoming more and more a movement that will be here to stay. So my question is, what does it really mean to have natural hair versus permed or processed hair?

There’s a bit of a disconect for me when women with natural hair talk about their transition from processed hair. I’m not sure if I understand how growing your hair with no added chemicals means your authenticity is enhanced when other things such as make-up, shaving, etc aren’t a problem. I do, however, understand that there’s a stigma that European-influenced ways of styling are more accepted as opposed to our ethnic roots here in America. If you’re taking a stance to oppose the norms and openly express your pride then by all means, more power to you. At the same time, I can’t condone the misconception that those with permed or relaxed hair are sub-par ethnic women who aren’t taking pride in their heritage. Permed hair, natural hair, no hair, etc….women of color are beautiful and no mistake was made upon your creation. A perm, relaxer, nor locks will change that. I love women who make that statement of pride, but I equally appreciate the woman who feels she can switch it up and still retain her presence as a confident ethnic woman. Uplifting one another and embodying class represents true beauty to me. I love natural hair and what it represents but to the women with permed hair, you are still very much appreciated and if you don‘t hear it from anyone else, I love you dearly. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Natural Hair vs. Processed Hair

  1. I haven’t relaxed my hair in 3 years. I stopped for health reasons, and also because I never felt comfortable conforming to the Western beauty ideals that are shoved down our throats. Even as a child, I didn’t have a choice because my Mother was so quick to relax my hair at the young tender age of 11. So for me it was about ridding myself of those false beauty concepts and embracing what God gave me naturally. It’s a personal choice that I understand isn’t for everyone, and I respect that. Thanks for sharing your thougts with us.

  2. Great post.. This is my second time going natural.. I admit that this time it’s much easier due to all the new products out there to keep my hair healthy. People interact with my spirit on the day to day basis not my hair (natural or relaxed). One great benifit to having natural hair is working out whenever I feel the need without caring when I’ve scheduled my next hair appt.. Lol… Lots of freedom on that side of the coin. Last but not least… I enjoy my own beauty without the stigma of nappy hair equalling less attractive.. These days i get more compliments than when my hair was relaxed. Simply put… It feels good..

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