If I Can Do It…

ImageFirst off, I don’t want to give any false impression so make sure you read the small print that in my case says, “Results may vary”.

So, I began my “Tuskegee Experience”  in 2007 fresh from the outskirts of a small town called Enterprise, AL. My only mission was to be successful, which is ironic for a person who couldn’t define the word if you asked. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but if you have parents who’re raised in the 60’s, then you know it was absolutely no turning back. My experience didn’t come from the things/people that made my years difficult but rather my response to them. A young football player with big dreams and little worries was something the real world would lick its chops for, but there’s this little thing called faith that kept me. So to make a long story short, you could tag the story of my college years with –Trial and Error. I got in fights, wasn’t sure if I’d be able to afford it, was homeless a short while, but with faith came out on the other end better than ever. This isn’t me bragging, just a testament to what a little faith can do for one when met with the Tuskegee Experience as many of us know so very well. I’m more optimistic than ever about my capabilities to encounter the seemingly impossible that will await me post graduation, and I have my faith to thank. Hey, if I can do it…. 🙂


4 thoughts on “If I Can Do It…

  1. Don’t know much of your past, but I will say that your are one stand up guy and all about good and the business…

  2. I 100% commend your initiative to share your story as well as your drive to break the cycle. Being an HBCU alum, I too reward my achievements to faith and my institution. So for me, you’ve accomplished many goals with your story, your drive, and your vision. Bravo!!

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