What Women REALLY Want

This isn’t a top ten list of what to give women. I honestly believe men and women mutually want the same thing in each other but below the surface lies the real problem: society has just pointed women in the wrong direction to find what exactly makes them happy. Let me explain:

The average woman meets a guy with great potential, but when he falls short of her expectations her remedy goes something like,  “On to the next one” or “What he won’t do, another one will”. Heard that before? At that point she begins living what I call a “check-to-check” relationship spiral, keeping her head above water one man at a time instead of resting assured that her heart is in good hands. This is nothing but a hamster wheel that will eventually wear any woman out until she at some point gets her head together and does what’s commonly referred to as “soul searching”. Sounds cliche, but don’t underestimate the value of taking time to fall in love with you. Soul searching isn’t a sign of weakness as it’s been stereotyped. In addition, the thought of being alone might be intimidating or seem impossible but if done right can rid your life of the fear and impatience that condemns you to settling for men who aren’t ready for what you have to offer. The solution isn’t always to put a great guy in front of you, but instead to prepare yourself for him as well as the time it will take for his arrival. Once women do what they need, what they want won’t be so hard to find at all. 🙂


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